Sneaker Stores in Tokyo

Sneaker Stores in Tokyo

Harajuku Station / Meiji jingu mae station

Worm Tokyo | 11Am-8PM

Loads of Vintage Gears and Sneakers

Worm Tokyo is a sneaker shop in Harajuku where they stock hype sneakers including Nike x Off-Whites, Jordans, Nike x Sacai, and etc. all the shoes that are displayed are wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh. If you are looking for some heat, this place is the right sneaker shop to go. Not only they sell brand new pairs of sneakers, it is a a place where lots of sneaker heads go to find “used” condition pairs for a decent price with experts authentication. As you may watch the video above, you will see so many different models and colorways. 

世界が認めるスニーカーショップでレアなスニーカーをお探しの方は「Worm Tokyo」をお勧めします。展示品で購入できないスニーカーでAIR MAGやNikeの創業者フィルナイトが卒業したオレゴン大学のアメフト選手限定のモデルのジョーダンなどがある。相場で100万を超えるスニーカーがショーケースに展示されています。スニーカーの購入を検討されていない方でも楽しくスニーカーカルチャーを味わえる博物館みたいな所でもあります。

Address: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 2 Chome−26−5 2F

Hours: 11am-8pm(Tue-Sat)| 11am-6pm(Sun)

Closed: Monday



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Skit Tokyo

Kichijoji Station

Skit Tokyo | 11Am-8PM
(Tel) 0422-47-6671

Wrapped Up Shoes Lined The Wall

Skit Tokyo is located at Kichijoji station which is about thirty minutes away from Shinjuku Station by Chuo Line(Orange). You might find one of a kind sneaker at the store. If you see a pair with your size, don’t hesitate and make a swift decision to buy. They have Nikes,Adidas, Roobok ,Asics, and other brands.

吉祥寺駅から徒歩5分圏内に位置するSkit Tokyoはスニーカーファンなら誰でも知っているショップ。中古の掘り出し物の出会いがあるかもしれません。

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Kicks Lab

Harajuku Station | Meiji Jingu mae Station

Kicks Lab | 12pm-8pm
(Tel) 03-6455-4234

Key Player for Sneaker Culture in Tokyo

Kicks Lab is famous among young generations to shop for sneakers. Sending sneaker buyers to the US for exclusive sneakers such as Off-White, Sacais, Jordans, and others.


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Shibuya station

Kith | 11AM-9PM
(Tel) 03-6274-64

Tales from the kitchen

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#5 Askate - Harajuku

#5 Askate - Harajuku

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